Career Profile

I’m a Senior Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in designing, developing, and maintaining software systems on various platforms. In my current role, I have been building scalable distributed services for a no-code SaaS platform where I technically lead the development efforts of the product’s integrations platform. I’m a JVM expert and a self-appointed Kotlin enthusiast recognized. I have been acting as a mentor in different roles to support other people get better at their craft. I have conducted a few hundred technical interviews throughout my career and tought dozens of people to do the same. I enjoy working on both end-user and developer-facing products and APIs and care a lot about software and team quality in general.


Senior Software Engineer (Remote)

since 08/2019
BRYTER GmbH, Berlin (Germany)

Our team is developing an integrations platform for BRYTER, a SaaS no-code product. The integrations platform is based on a Serverless approach where I use tools like Kubernetes, Docker, OpenFaaS, Prometheus, DataDog, Kotlin and a few more. We maintain hundreds of different integrations, an SDK for developers to use and the API to talk to integrations from within the main product. I have been on this team since the beginning and hired and onboarded multiple new team members. Our team always values being aligned as much as possible on planned features and how we want to approach them, which is why we prefer working with RFC documents that I have contributed to throughout. I have been in close contact with the team’s Product Manager to align on upcoming product development tasks and guided the team on finding feasible and sustainable solutions. I have actively contributed to creating and shaping OKRs for the team and helped create our first ever product metrics that helped with tracking our objectives. At BRYTER, I have been contributing to company-wide technical alignment and improvement efforts from the start and saw the company grow from 30 to around 230 people.

Senior Interview Engineer and Mentor (Freelance, Remote)

since 04/2018
Karat, Seattle (USA)

I work with Karat as an freelance Interview Engineer where I conduct technical interviews for well-known tech companies in the US, Europe and other parts of the world. This work involves designing and mastering algorithmic coding challenges to support our candidates during the remote interviews. The candidate’s performance is being evaluated and documented as part of each interview. I have joined Karat’s mentoring team in 2019 where I participate in onboarding new interviewers to the platform and also in ensuring continuous improvement and consistency by guiding and working closely with other interviewers.

Senior Software Engineer (Remote)

07/2018 - 07/2019
Exactag GmbH, Düsseldorf (Germany)

We developed a big data visualization tool for a multi-tenancy SaaS product. I built a generic SQL query framework with Kotlin, jOOQ and Spring that enabled sophisticated data fetching capabilities through a REST API. We consumed this API from multiple UIs written in React. One of the main challenges involved finding a good abstraction level and making the SQL querying as dynamic as possible. Part of my work was also mentoring the team on Kotlin. I worked in a distributed engineering group of 5 people.

Software Developer

08/2014 - 06/2018
n-design GmbH, Cologne (Germany)

Full stack development with Java, Kotlin, Spring, OSGi, AngularJS, REST, SOAP and more. I held the temporary role of a technical team lead. The product played an important role in a domestic e-health infrastructure rollout for which we provided the device that acted as an entry points to this secure private infrastructure. My work involved security topics, card reader communication, service orchestration and more. I was, among some other things, also responsible for onboarding new team members, participating in software architecture discussions and improving our release management.

Apprentice and Junior Operations Internal Developer

09/2011 - 07/2014
TravelTainment GmbH, Aachen (Germany)

Full stack development with Java, OSGi, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, MongoDB, JavaScript and other web technologies. We built a monitoring application that provided an overview of multiple internal systems of the company that served the operations team with an overview of the overall system’s health. The work to enable these monitoring capabilities involved integrating with a couple of other systems in the infrastructure, extracting data from it to transform it into reasonable metrics we could display in the application.

Tools and Languages

A summary of tools that I have learned to work with over the years:

Languages - Kotlin, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, Go, Python, SQL, HTML, Bash
Containers and orchestration - Docker, Kubernetes, OpenFaaS
Tooling - Jetbrains IDEs, GitLab, GitHub, Jenkins, YouTrack, Travis
Engineering methodologies - Clean code, Agile, Empowered product teams, TDD, Scrum, CI/CD, DevOps
Engineering areas of interest - API design, SDK development, Performance tuning, Cloud-native applications, Distributed Systems, Serverless/FaaS architectures

Skills & Proficiency

Kotlin, Java, JVM

Kubernetes, Docker and ☁️

SQL and Databases

API Design


Technical Writing


Node.js and popular UI frameworks


Resources that I published or contributed to:

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Droidcon NYC: Diving into advanced Kotlin features
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Using Kotlin with Ktor to create Web Apps - DZone Web Development Guide
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Null-Safe Programming: The Kotlin Way - DZone Java Guide 2018
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